Prevailing Wage, 15A Bill, Data Disclosure Bill Advocacy Success

Legislatively, we added a critical voice to the prevailing wage debate and effected it’s exclusion, initially from the budget, and ultimately from the 2019 session. We spoke out on the fiscal reality that affordable housing in general, faith based affordable housing projects, and minority businesses would be devastated by the disproportionate rise in cost. The core of our argument was for the men and women of color who would ultimately be pushed out of the industry. We were also successful in advocating for a robust 15A bill that promises to move the needle on Minority Business Enterprise participation. Finally, within the final days of the 2019 session, we were able to help introduce a Data Disclosure Bill, calling for the disclosure of hiring data on state funded construction projects, in the Senate and Assembly while helping to secure 20 co-sponsors for the Bills.